Kiwi Warmer - A warm and healthy home without the painful power bill.

This innovative Kiwi designed device takes your electric heater to the next level with artificial intelligence capabilities that read weather forecasts and sunrise/sunset timings using WiFi. Kiwi Warmer also learns and adapts to the specifics of your home, such as size and insulation – all to keep you warm, safe and save you money. Kiwi Warmer is the most sustainable heating control on the market.

New Zealand’s climate is unique.

During the coolest months of the year our homes’ comfort depends greatly on the weather conditions outside. Wind and rain from the south cools down our homes while sunshine and still conditions allow them to warm up. 

Whether you heat just a bedroom, home office, or all of your home with electric heaters, Kiwi Warmer can make a big difference. Kiwi Warmer will proactively turn the heater on or off instead of waiting for your home’s temperature to drop or rise to a certain threshold. Its smart technology not only ensures a constant and pleasant room temperature, but also operates the heater in the most optimal mode, which is directly reflected in the reduced energy consumption and leads to cost savings.

Constant room temperature

Constant temperatures are safer for families – especially children’s bedrooms. 

A study released by BRANZ and the University of Auckland in May 2021 found nearly 50% of Kiwi children sleep in a bedroom that is too cold (19°C or less) and 1 in 7 children who experienced bedtime temperatures outside the optimal range had poorer overall health. 

By completely turning the power on and off to your electric heater, the Kiwi Warmer device also ensures optimal safety for families whilst minimising wasted energy.

Easy setup and mobile app support

You can set, adjust and monitor Kiwi Warmer-enabled rooms from any mobile device (iOS + Android) to ensure your heaters are only on when you need them to be. The FREE and user friendly Kiwi Warmer app allows you to set your home’s heaters up from one central dashboard, cancelling out the need to fiddle or set individual heater based timers, thermostats etc.

The mobile app provides configurable temperature settings in the range from 14°C to 24°C, enables variable temperature settings for the different times of the day and days of the week. Family member can access heater settings from their own mobile devices.


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